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Eric Pehota grew up in the northern part of British Columbia. His family moved from Mackenzie into the mountains (Azu - now known as Powder King Mountain Resort) when he was a small boy. 


“I started whitewater kayaking in 1984,” Pehota says. Over the next ten years, in between epic winters, Pehota kayaked and rafted his way around British Columbia, over 500 days in all, becoming certified as a whitewater raft guide along the way. In 1995 he started jet boating and in his own words, “This is my passion now.”


And Eric takes care of his passion. The 21-foot aluminum boat is immaculate and well-maintained. He does the majority of the  mechanical work and insists on keeping every working part of the boat “up to aviation safety standards.”


“Jet boating has allowed me to travel through British Columbia on our original highways of the world, the waterways. Throw in a little thrill and adventure of travel as you experience the pristine ecosystems of the Coast Mountains, free from development, and you won’t want to return to the dock.


Rising above the river to a height of 8,000 feet, Mount Currie boasts one of the highest uninterrupted vertical rises in South Western British Columbia. Home to numerous species of wildlife including bears, deer, elk, moose and birds including herons, ospreys and eagles, which may be spotted on the tour.


I enjoy watching guests experience nature up close, knowing they will leave with a deeper understanding of the river and wildlife  (and a little adrenaline rush courtesy of the Jet Boat makes it unforgettable).”

Eric Pehota

Daryl's love for mountain adventure sports brought him to the Sea to Sky area in 2004. He now resides in Pemberton with his wife and two young boys, where they explore the Coast Range on skis, snowmobile, mountain bike, kayak and jet boat.


He began kayaking in 2000 and brought his white-water experience to the Pemberton Search and Rescue team in 2010, where he has become a certified swift water rescue technician.


The culmination of his experience and  passion of white-water has enabled him to drive for Whistler Jet Boating since 2016.  


"Days spent on the river are always peaceful yet exciting, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to share these experiences with others."

Daryl Treadway